I had the pleasure of meeting David Joshua, a wonderful human with wonderful intentions. His job is really something I back, so working on this partnership with him has been amazing. He gives a lot of workshops — very intentional, very reflective — and there's a strong artistic and creative element to his delivery. So graphics form a significant part of his work. That's where we collaborated

Bringing concepts to life

The main part of this partnership is to turn David's concepts and communication into visual elements that capture the essence of what he's trying to say, while supporting and augmenting the experience of the workshop.

This is interesting, and highly collaborative. We get to discuss the meaning, the subtext, the feeling of a particular part of a workshop, and turn that into some visual representation of the message. Above, we created a series of 5 emotions to convey some ways in which anger, creativity, fear, joy and sadness (left to right) can be both useful and destructive.

The illustrations are then designed by me into the presentation, and turned into a brand-cohesive experience for David's audience. The designs needs to be coherent, but minimal, but augmentative. David has such a unique character, that it's really important to me to bring that out in a very clear, but very artistic way.

I love this partnership! :D

some past work