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Matchbox Solutions

I always love a good website revamp, and the dudes over at Matchbox Solutions are good friends, great at what they do, and fantastic creative partners. This was a breeze and a joy to do, and the I'm over the moon with the result.

Not just another software consultancy

As saturated as the world is with tech agencies and people promoting to "come in and change the game", there's still a few gems out there that actually deliver on that. Matchbox Solutions is one of those, and I really wanted to make sure people knew this when they visited the site.

The project consisted of a little logo revamp and a ton of copywriting for the rest of the site — which was really fun to do  — but the two main features that I think make this site so successful are the "what we don't do" offering, and the blank partner logos on the footer. Seemingly small, I know, but hear me out

"What we don't do"

Everyone says all the things they can do for their clients, but few actually make a point of saying what they don't do. So we did the former, but we made sure to add the latter in right afterwards.

This was a cool addition to the site, because it achieved two things: It's unusual, so it stands out to potential clients and shows them that these guys mean business; but it also acts as a filter for Matchbox Solutions, to get any "problem clients" to self-deselect if those are the things they are actually wanting whomever they hire to do.

Blank partner logos

Another differentiator we added to the site was blank thumbnails, with the text: "We'd put the logos of companies in our clientbase here, if that was something that mattered to us. But it doesn't.
We'd rather have you want work with us because of what you think we can do for you, and not because of who we've worked with before.

It's a little brash, a little witty, a little cheeky... and its true. So we made this the feature on the footer of the website to leave visitors with a sense that this company does things differently. And they aren't afraid to make a point and stand by it, even if it's risky.

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