A bit of my story.

(What's a story, anyway?)

I often think about a story as an accumulation of lots of little experiences, all woven and blended into one expression of "I" that really means something.

At some point in my life, I realised there were stories literally everywhere. They'd jump out of passing comments, peek through passion projects and side-gigs, and surface during moments of joy, vulnerability, anger, excitement... It was really fun to see.

What really struck me, however, was that the moment those stories became clear to whoever they belonged to was the exact moment that person came alive. As if they'd remembered the name of a song they'd been thinking about for a month. Sweet relief.

I've been doing various kinds of journalism, visual design, and communication design over the years: Podcasting, user experience design, graphic design, interviews, writing, illustration... But basically they all come down to conversation, relationship, and storytelling.

I like stories, what can I say? Dr Seuss shaped my childhood.

If I'm not doing any of the above, I'm swimming in the ocean, playing with software and A.I., going for hikes, doing linocutting or some other random craft I picked up for a week, or exploring my city (which, for interest's sake, is Cape Town at the moment).

That's enough of me for now. Tell me about you?