logo & branding


Mark and Peter from Lasciva approached me with a cool request: "Can you design a logo for our games company? Our keyword is rebellious."

Uhm, hell yes.

Rebellious fun

Lasciva makes learning fun. They take software principles, and create tabletop games you can play as a team, while learning about how to implement certain mindsets and techniques in the real world. It's a really great concept, and I think games are a great way of learning.

The key differentiator here was doing things differently. And they made it clear from the start that they wanted to be bold, loud, and noticeably different. So we did that.

I opted for a particularly vibrant colour combo to pop the brand right out of the crowd. The logo-mark makes uses of a "bang" — or exclamation mark — as the "I", to bring in some double meaning.

In software, this is used as a "not" operator (ie. don't do this), which fits the idea of going against the grain, but also to force functions to occur. I like both of these for their power, and the "do this differently" vibe.

The second meaning is simply a shout. A loud "HEY, IT'S US!" And that's key to this brand's presence.

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