movie poster design

"For The Lost Ones"

Will came from... what must have been a dream? Because working on this with him was so profoundly wonderful. As a film director, Will has this creative mind that just gets me giddy. He had an idea of where he wanted to go, but gave me full creative freedom to take it where I thought it could go.


I always ask if I can watch a clip of the movie I design for, if not the whole film. Will obliged happily.

Now, even though this a client project, the 15 minute short I watched was really moving. I felt so inspired, and so sad, and so nostalgic. It was super unexpected. And I knew the poster needed to do that feeling justice.

Will already wanted some poetic-ness, and nostalgia in the poster. And I wanted to build on this. I decided to distress the film still we decided on together, and added some "old photos vibes" to the image to make it feel more like a memory. From there, the typeface needed some treatment, and I decided to add a ghost-like feeling to the lettering (no spoilers, it'll make sense when you watch it!).

We created a portrait, and two variations. And I'm so incredibly happy with this. Wow. Thanks Will <3

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